About Share Trade

  Sabrina Moyle

  Sabrina Moyle

Share Trade is a campaign to improve the quality of life of people worldwide through embracing global trade, local manufacturing, and conscious consumption.

We believe that, given a choice, people consume products that represent their ideals and values and reflect who they wish to be in the world: from being creative and resourceful to supporting local communities.

We believe in expanding the global availability of products and services that embody universal human ideals -- joy, creativity, beauty, functionality, quality, affordability...just to name a few.  These products and services, and their ideals, should be able to be exported freely and easily.  Also, we believe that people worldwide deserve to have a hand in making what they consume: locally designed and manufactured products are a way to preserve our authenticity and maintain diversity, transparency, and creativity worldwide.

Through sharing trade, local manufacturing, and conscious consumption, we believe everyone's quality of life -- material, intellectual, social, spiritual -- can improve, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or economic circumstances.

We are non-partisan and believe in working together against the problem, never against each other.

Current campaigns

The goal of our current campaign is to build support for small business priorities in larger trade agreements. Get Involved! 

Sign our Change.org petition - We can all get behind small business exports!

Make and share an I Make / I Export Selfie.  Small and medium-sized business owners can make a selfie (with text that can be quickly created and shared using the Over app)

Join our “Share Trade” Etsy team. Get involved in planning and executing this campaign with other makers around the world